Monday, July 13, 2009

21+21+1 = I Don't Want to Think About It!!!!

Yep it's that time of the year, a time we either love or start to dislike immensely, I think I'm somewhere in between.

Firstly, this morning getting ready for work, blow dry hair, check for grey. Look, look again, then double and triple check. Yes still no grey. I am proud of the fact that at 21+21+1 I have no grey. And no I do not have a colour in my hair, well not at the moment :D

Look at the scales, no I don't need to get on them to know, that at 21+21+1 I do need to start monitoring my weight and health a little more. Tomorrow morning I promise, will get up and go for a walk. Unless of course it is raining, the fog is really heavy or we have a frost (white-out). See not making any excuses, it's winter here.

Secondly arrived at work (all male office except for me) Boss puts the kettle on would I like a cup of coffee, this is no unusual for my Boss, good man, well trained. Then he says 'Won't be a moment gotta duck out for five minutes.' Cool, no-one has remembered, I mean 21+21+1 is not something you really want broadcasted to the office.

Boss comes back... cake!

Thirdly first bunch of flowers arrived, from my Emily, my surrogate daughter, came for work experience seven years ago, now all grown up, and working, but we still have lunch twice a week. Good girl.

Fourly (sure that's a word even if the dictionary says it isn't) Em arrives with another cake.

Fifthly, another bunch of flowers, no name on card, sure they are from the Bosses wife, beautiful woman. See above and below.

Sixly, don't have a sixly... yet...

Three of my five sibling have rung, one even sang Happy Birthday, we really shouldn't sing in our family. Talked to both Mum and Dad, I'm sure Mum or his secretary reminded him this morning.

Favourite cousin called in, she forgot which is unusual, she'll remember tomorrow or the next day.

So all in all, 21+21+1 isn't that bad, see my beautiful flowers, the florist that delivered this bunch likes to do unusual things, that is decorative kale, mixed in with iris's and I think the tall purple flowers are stocks.

Decorative Kale

Dutch Iris, I think, pretty anyway

Oh have been stitching, working more on by BoInk, didn't have time to take photos this morning, will try tonight.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Final Photo

Tasha Middle of March 2009

Here is one of the real life issues that put a dampener on my posting.

This is my beloved Tasha or Ch Talberg Maja Czenzi. 12 October 1996 to 24 April 2009. She was at times the most evil, wilful, demanding, stubborn, independent oh boy was she independent dog you could meet… but she was so loved, and loved in return.

The granddaughter of my original Hungarian Vizsla, Tatti, whom my blog is named after Tiddle Tat.

The daughter of my first Vizsla home champion Kleo, who is still with us, and lives with a dear friend, and is extremely spoilt.

I can still remember when she was born, I was away and for the only time slept through one of my girls whelping… worry free and painless, for me at least.

Always a difficult child, it took weeks to name you, nothing seemed to suit, until it was finally just before Christmas it was decided to call you Natasha which you were never called, this was shortened to Tasha or Tish Tash.

Your first show, Best Baby Puppy in Group, this was when we realised you should have had a different name… Ticia short for Morticia, you showed your dark side that day, and I'm sure if you where a human child, Goth was in your future.

You hated the show ring, took after your father, and after achieving your championship, you only came out on special occasions.

But you did excel, Best Baby in Show at a breed speciality under Gay Gottlieb an icon of the breed. Bitch Challenge at Sydney Royal and Runner-Up Best of Breed twice, numerous other awards followed, mainly under international judges. I still remember the judge that told me he was sending us round one more time, and if I could get you to lift your tail (always carried it horizontal) he would give us Group, I actually laughed and said we'll try, but it just wasn't you. You were a gundog, a working dog, not some flashy show dog, and mum made me do this anyway.

Despite how bad this may sound, my Tish Tash was happy in life, she loved her son Chobe, and was always up for a game, she even tolerated Meah, although at first I think you thought I was off my rocker when I brought home a little dog and what do you mean 'it's' not pedigree.

The end came quickly, and one can be merciful, so farewell my friend, you will not be forgotten.

Monday, July 06, 2009

BoInk Week um Fourteen...I Counted

Yes there should be a lot more weeks in between W3 and W14, but have had a break from stitching BoInk, playing round with a lot of little projects, Christmas, will give you a sneak peak in another post.

Finally got back into BoInk the last couple of weeks and finally got round to taking some photos this morning, in bed, sinful isn't it, but it's winter in Oz and we had our first frost [whiteout] this morning, so bed was the best place to be.

This is my Miss Meah, checking out the progress, should get a lot more done in the next couple of weeks... Tour de France... Fit men, riding bikes, in tight clothing mmmm I swear I only watch to see them crash :D

Monday, March 30, 2009

BoInk Week Three

Feel like I've had a much better week, but then again the proof is in the stitch :D.

So after three weeks of being very good and posting one once a week like I promised the Leprechauns, I will miss next week and more likely the week after. The chances I have of stitching in the next two weeks are so small they are not even worth mentioning.

Work, life and a major show schedule... Anyone want to wash, clip and trim 15 dairy goats?
Progress so far

Close up. The square to the left was too blurred.

Meanwhile Happy Easter

Monday, March 23, 2009

BoInk Week Two

Week two of BoInk, I don't feel as if I got as much done this week, it was one of those weeks. So here's hoping this week will be better...

Progress so far
Close up of the top whole knot

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

BoInk Week One

Wow two days in a row, but this will be a one off... Happy St Patrick's Day

OK blogging, I have started Tracy's Ink Circles BoInk, which was a SAL for last year, with the last part released in Feb 2009. So having only picked up a needle and thread on and off for the last 18 months nothing big, just little projects, with no real 'must get in and do' feeling, so have finally found something to dig my teeth into.

This is a big diversification for me, I have mainly concentrated Graeme Ross charts, birds, horses, the odd flower. These are big detailed charts.

So my BoInk is being done on white 22 count Hardanger, I rarely stitch below 16 count, and like to do most things on 18 count. 

I have used DMC, stood for nearly an hour in front of the DMC stand, pulling thread off putting them back. I did not want to use really bright colours wanted to go bit more calmer. 

So the final decision Yellow 3822; Black 3799 [Dk Grey]; Red 3354 [Pink]; Violet 3041; Green 3348; Orange 3827; Lt Blue 3841 and Med Blue 3755.

Week One Progress


Up Close Detail


Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-St Patrick's Day Resolution

I want to start using my blog more, so I've decided to make a pre-St Pat's Day resolution.

"I will post once a week" or may the Leprechaun's take away all my rainbows.

So to that end I've decided to first fix up where I last posted in 2007, with my Ross Originals - Appaloosa, I did finish him in 2007.

Appaloosa is stitched on 18 count Aida, two strands, he was done as a companion piece to Ross Originals - Palomino

Palomino is stitched on 16 count Aida, two strands, he was completed in 2001.

My plan is to get them both framed and put over my bed, I have a narrow piece to put in between them. A grouping of Hungarian Vizsla's, the top is on the stack (show ring) he is a Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath design; the next one is tracking (he was originally in harness) the middle hunting-retrieving a duck. I was given the tracking and hunting Vizsla designs by a fellow breeder I have no idea who designed them. I played with the colours a little, they were a little too 'American' for me, Australian Vizsla's are usually a little lighter.

Vizsla 22 count Hardanger, 2 strands... yep that's right 22