Monday, March 30, 2009

BoInk Week Three

Feel like I've had a much better week, but then again the proof is in the stitch :D.

So after three weeks of being very good and posting one once a week like I promised the Leprechauns, I will miss next week and more likely the week after. The chances I have of stitching in the next two weeks are so small they are not even worth mentioning.

Work, life and a major show schedule... Anyone want to wash, clip and trim 15 dairy goats?
Progress so far

Close up. The square to the left was too blurred.

Meanwhile Happy Easter


Milly~ said...

Nice job Libbie. I like your color choices very much and look forward to seeing your progress.

Mel said...

lovely colours. :) Looking good.

lenna said...

I love the colors of your boink. You have a good eye for color, they are in the right family and are all pastels. Good job!
Your stitching isn't bad either.
Another Great Job!!!
God Bless ~