Monday, March 16, 2009

Pre-St Patrick's Day Resolution

I want to start using my blog more, so I've decided to make a pre-St Pat's Day resolution.

"I will post once a week" or may the Leprechaun's take away all my rainbows.

So to that end I've decided to first fix up where I last posted in 2007, with my Ross Originals - Appaloosa, I did finish him in 2007.

Appaloosa is stitched on 18 count Aida, two strands, he was done as a companion piece to Ross Originals - Palomino

Palomino is stitched on 16 count Aida, two strands, he was completed in 2001.

My plan is to get them both framed and put over my bed, I have a narrow piece to put in between them. A grouping of Hungarian Vizsla's, the top is on the stack (show ring) he is a Stephanie Seabrook Hedgepath design; the next one is tracking (he was originally in harness) the middle hunting-retrieving a duck. I was given the tracking and hunting Vizsla designs by a fellow breeder I have no idea who designed them. I played with the colours a little, they were a little too 'American' for me, Australian Vizsla's are usually a little lighter.

Vizsla 22 count Hardanger, 2 strands... yep that's right 22


nutmegg said...

Hi Libbie, the horses are beautiful, you do lovely work,I see you also like country music, do you go to any of the country events in the area.

Terry said...

Love the dogs Libbie, I have an otterhound and would love to find something like that with them on to stitch

Libbie said...

Nutmeg, thank you, you make me blush.

But I do have to laugh, my parents live in Tamworth, have for 25 years and would you believe that this year was the first time I was there at Country Music Week. Had a wonderful time, didn't see a thing, was taking care of the farm, maybe next year :D

Libbie said...

Hi Terry, yes my Vizslas are just as lovely in the flesh. I had a little look round this evening, cause I vaguely rememebered seeing an Otterhound chart somewhere once. Stephane Seabrook Hedgepath, Pegasus Originals, has a small Otterhound in her Hounds Mini book/leaflet. Hope that helps