Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Final Photo

Tasha Middle of March 2009

Here is one of the real life issues that put a dampener on my posting.

This is my beloved Tasha or Ch Talberg Maja Czenzi. 12 October 1996 to 24 April 2009. She was at times the most evil, wilful, demanding, stubborn, independent oh boy was she independent dog you could meet… but she was so loved, and loved in return.

The granddaughter of my original Hungarian Vizsla, Tatti, whom my blog is named after Tiddle Tat.

The daughter of my first Vizsla home champion Kleo, who is still with us, and lives with a dear friend, and is extremely spoilt.

I can still remember when she was born, I was away and for the only time slept through one of my girls whelping… worry free and painless, for me at least.

Always a difficult child, it took weeks to name you, nothing seemed to suit, until it was finally just before Christmas it was decided to call you Natasha which you were never called, this was shortened to Tasha or Tish Tash.

Your first show, Best Baby Puppy in Group, this was when we realised you should have had a different name… Ticia short for Morticia, you showed your dark side that day, and I'm sure if you where a human child, Goth was in your future.

You hated the show ring, took after your father, and after achieving your championship, you only came out on special occasions.

But you did excel, Best Baby in Show at a breed speciality under Gay Gottlieb an icon of the breed. Bitch Challenge at Sydney Royal and Runner-Up Best of Breed twice, numerous other awards followed, mainly under international judges. I still remember the judge that told me he was sending us round one more time, and if I could get you to lift your tail (always carried it horizontal) he would give us Group, I actually laughed and said we'll try, but it just wasn't you. You were a gundog, a working dog, not some flashy show dog, and mum made me do this anyway.

Despite how bad this may sound, my Tish Tash was happy in life, she loved her son Chobe, and was always up for a game, she even tolerated Meah, although at first I think you thought I was off my rocker when I brought home a little dog and what do you mean 'it's' not pedigree.

The end came quickly, and one can be merciful, so farewell my friend, you will not be forgotten.

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