Monday, July 06, 2009

BoInk Week um Fourteen...I Counted

Yes there should be a lot more weeks in between W3 and W14, but have had a break from stitching BoInk, playing round with a lot of little projects, Christmas, will give you a sneak peak in another post.

Finally got back into BoInk the last couple of weeks and finally got round to taking some photos this morning, in bed, sinful isn't it, but it's winter in Oz and we had our first frost [whiteout] this morning, so bed was the best place to be.

This is my Miss Meah, checking out the progress, should get a lot more done in the next couple of weeks... Tour de France... Fit men, riding bikes, in tight clothing mmmm I swear I only watch to see them crash :D

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DJ said...

WOW!! I love the colors you've chosen for your BOINK! Congrats on becoming one of the multi-project stitchers! Thanks for sharing. *Hugs* DJ