Monday, July 13, 2009

21+21+1 = I Don't Want to Think About It!!!!

Yep it's that time of the year, a time we either love or start to dislike immensely, I think I'm somewhere in between.

Firstly, this morning getting ready for work, blow dry hair, check for grey. Look, look again, then double and triple check. Yes still no grey. I am proud of the fact that at 21+21+1 I have no grey. And no I do not have a colour in my hair, well not at the moment :D

Look at the scales, no I don't need to get on them to know, that at 21+21+1 I do need to start monitoring my weight and health a little more. Tomorrow morning I promise, will get up and go for a walk. Unless of course it is raining, the fog is really heavy or we have a frost (white-out). See not making any excuses, it's winter here.

Secondly arrived at work (all male office except for me) Boss puts the kettle on would I like a cup of coffee, this is no unusual for my Boss, good man, well trained. Then he says 'Won't be a moment gotta duck out for five minutes.' Cool, no-one has remembered, I mean 21+21+1 is not something you really want broadcasted to the office.

Boss comes back... cake!

Thirdly first bunch of flowers arrived, from my Emily, my surrogate daughter, came for work experience seven years ago, now all grown up, and working, but we still have lunch twice a week. Good girl.

Fourly (sure that's a word even if the dictionary says it isn't) Em arrives with another cake.

Fifthly, another bunch of flowers, no name on card, sure they are from the Bosses wife, beautiful woman. See above and below.

Sixly, don't have a sixly... yet...

Three of my five sibling have rung, one even sang Happy Birthday, we really shouldn't sing in our family. Talked to both Mum and Dad, I'm sure Mum or his secretary reminded him this morning.

Favourite cousin called in, she forgot which is unusual, she'll remember tomorrow or the next day.

So all in all, 21+21+1 isn't that bad, see my beautiful flowers, the florist that delivered this bunch likes to do unusual things, that is decorative kale, mixed in with iris's and I think the tall purple flowers are stocks.

Decorative Kale

Dutch Iris, I think, pretty anyway

Oh have been stitching, working more on by BoInk, didn't have time to take photos this morning, will try tonight.


Kathy said...

A belated Happy Birthday!
Your flowers are lovely. I espesially like the iris.
I hope the rest of you day was a lovely one.

Kathy said...


I didn't see your email aff so I hope you read this.

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. Especially those about my Rory. Have you shown your dogs? You sure sound like you have.

I am keeping my fingers crossed as he grows. His next show will be in late September. And it is doubtful that he will be the only Irish in the ring. :) I too love his head, deep chest and he has a lovely rear. Now if his neck would only grow a little more. It is a little short. About the only criticism I can come up with.

Oh, that and gait without the hops in mid stride. LOL But that should should come with practice.

Thank you again.


XStitcher said...

Hi Libbie, Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. It is nice to know that someone is reading it. You take such lovely clear photo's, something I have to still work on. I have a soft spot for animals as well and dream of one day having a few acres where I can have a hobby farm with a converted barn where I can hold Cross stitch retreats. One can dream. Keep in touch.

And This Little Pig said...