Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First Post--Very Original

OK first post, how scary. Finally decided to give this "blogging" thing a go. So when do I decide to start, two days before going away. I'm off to my parents farm, for the kidding season. My Mum breeds dairy goats, and like on horse studs I get to do night duty... think of midwife at midnight.

All I have to do is decide what to take with me, quilting is out, I have 3 knitted blankets, 3 crochet blankets, and 1 x-stitch project [that has been on the frame for 2 years]. You'll have to wait and see what gets done... if any.

Just one picture, this is 'Baby' she was born 26 Dec 2004, the day and around the time that the Tsunami hit. Her leg was broken during delivery, big kid, old doe, lot of hard work getting her out. So I'm off to be with Baby, while she has her first babies. Baby's proper name is:-

Toggalong What A Gem

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